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"Zombies are corpses reanimated through dark and sinister magic. These mindless automatons shamble about, doing their creator's bidding without fear or hesitation."


Zombies tend to have a certain reputation as hanging around in graveyards, tombs, battlefields and otherwise. Usually their reputation precedes them with a powerful stench and cries of "ennnnnnh" and occasionally, "braaaains." The myth that zombies eat only brains is one that's often perpetuated by some self-important sages and frightened commoners, but in truth, (with the possible exception of the Zombie Mage Talon Sevans-Meres of Myth Drannor), members of this undead category do not feast solely on the brains of their victims.

Zombies are usually found in tandem with skeletons, and the two classes often fill the rank-and-file of undead armies. While they are not known for their smarts, and with a surprising tendency to walk into adventurer-laid traps and deadfalls, their sheer numbers and resistance to damage tend to make them dangerous foes. Woe be to the adventurer who finds themselves trapped in a tomb, wizard's lab, or abandoned manor house with these rotting residents, as such encounters seldom turn out well for the hapless adventurer.

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