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Alias(es): The Protector and Provider, the Nurturing Matriarch, the Blessed One
Power: Greater deity
Pantheon: Yondalla's Children (Halfling)
Symbol: Cornucopia on a shield
Alignment: Lawful good
Cleric alignment: LG, LN, NG
Portfolio: Protection, bounty, halflings, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation, family, tradition
Worshippers: Children, leaders, paladins, parents
Canon NWN2 domains: Good  Law  Protection  
Other canon domains: Family, Halfling
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Shortsword - "Hornblade"

Yondalla, pronounced yon-dah-lah, created the halfling race in her own image, and it is due to her charming personality, friendly demeanor, curiosity, loyalty, and sense of mischief that halflings are among the best-tempered of the goodly races. As the matriarch of the halfling pantheon, and, indeed, the entire race, all halflings revere the Blessed One. Even those few who have rejected traditional values of the hin respect Yondalla for her guidance of the race as a whole.

Yondalla serves as an example to all her people, espousing harmony among halflings, good relations with other races, and strong defense when faced with the affronts of enemies. It is Yondalla's wish that all her children are safe and prosperous, treat each other well, and live interesting, full lives. Yondalla is forgiving, slow to anger, and kind, but when here charges become threatened she acts with bravery and ferocity that has gained the respect of even her most warlike godly contemporaries.

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