Type of feat
Required for
Extra Wild Shape, Natural Spell, Elephant's Hide, Magical Beast Wild Shape, Dragon Shape

The character with this ability can take the shape of an animal at will. It may be used once per day at the fifth level, twice per day at the sixth level, three times per day at the seventh level, four times per day at the 10th level, five times per day at the 14th level, and six times per day at the 18th level. The transformation has a duration of 1 hour per class level. Available shapes include bear, wolf, boar, and badger. At the 12th level, the druid may assume the dire form of any of these animals.

Selected. After choosing the ability the player must choose an animal form to take.

Gameplay Notes[]

Wild shape merges the magical properties of armor, shield, and helmets worn on the character into the wild shape and Elemental Shape forms. This feature however only merges the highest magical properties (they do not stack). Thus, if a druid is wearing Leather +1 and carrying a Small Shield +2, the total AC bonus brought over to the new shape is +2, not +3. Additional properties of these three item types are also brought over (concentration bonuses, damage reduction, resistances, etc.). However, castable spells are NOT able to be utilized while shifted. This can be overcome with the Natural Spell feat.

The druid retains her mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma) while shapeshifted into these forms. However, her physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) are over-written by the form's statistics as follows:

Shape Strength Dexterity Constitution Size Bonus Bonus AC Total AC Bonus Hit Points Weapon1 Weapon2 Weapon3
Badger 8 17 15 1 3 17 20 1d2 (piercing-slashing) 1d2 (piercing-slashing) 1d3 (slashing)
Bear 19 13 15 0 2 13 0 1d4 (piercing-slashing) 1d4 (piercing-slashing) 1d6 (slashing)
Boar 15 10 17 0 6 16 0 1d8 (piercing) none none
Wolf 13 15 15 0 2 14 8 1d6 (slashing) none none
Dire Badger 14 17 19 0 3 16 40 1d4 (piercing-slashing) 1d4 (piercing-slashing) 1d6 (slashing)
Dire Bear 31 13 19 -1 7 17 0 2d4 (piercing-slashing) 2d4 (piercing-slashing) 2d8 (slashing)
Dire Boar 27 10 17 0 6 16 24 1d8 (piercing) none none
Dire Wolf 25 15 17 -1 3 14 32 1d8 (piercing-slashing) none none
Treant 29 8 21 0 13 22 0 2d6 (slashing) 2d6 (slashing) none
Shambling Mound 21 10 17 -1 11 20 0 2d6 (slashing) 2d6 (slashing) none
Celestial Leopard 26 29 25 0 1 20 0 1d8+1 (piercing) 1d6+1 (piercing-slashing) 1d6+1 (piercing-slashing)
Phase Spider 27 27 26 -1 3 20 0 2d6+1 (piercing) + poison none none
Winter Wolf 28 23 26 -1 5 20 0 2d10+1 (piercing) + 1d6 (cold) none none
Red Dragon 33 10 23 -2 20 28 150 2d8+1 (piercing) 2d6+1 (piercing-slashing) 2d6+1 (piercing-slashing)
Blue Dragon 29 10 21 -2 20 28 150 2d8+1 (piercing) 2d6+1 (piercing-slashing) 2d6+1 (piercing-slashing)
Black Dragon 27 10 21 -2 20 28 150 2d8+1 (piercing) 2d6+1 (piercing-slashing) 2d6+1 (piercing-slashing)
  • Total AC is the form's final AC that includes it's size bonus, bonus AC and Dexterity bonus.
  • Base attack bonus changes depending on the new physical abilities.
  • The wildshape ability can be activated by right clicking on the character and selecting it under the druid abilities. However, doing it this way will not give the option to choose a shape and will always turn the player into a bear. To choose a shape put the Wildshape ability on the quickslot bar. Clicking on it there will make a list of available shapes pop up.

Note: The information in the table above is from the Polymorph.2DA file and is subject to change in the event the file's information changes.

NWN comparison[]

  • Wild shape had an additional form, the panther, that the druid could polymorph into. The NWN2 version does not have this form - omitting the Panther wild shape entirely.

External resources[]

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