Type of feat
Base attack bonus +1 or higher
Required for

A character with this feat is adept at using light weapons subtly and effectively, allowing him to make melee attack rolls with his dexterity modifier instead of strength (if his dexterity is higher than his strength).

Automatic when using any of the following weapons: dagger, handaxe, kama, kukri, light hammer, mace, rapier, short sword, sickle, whip and unarmed strike.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Swashbuckler class and badger animal companion receive Weapon Finesse at level one.
  • Weapon Finesse does not apply to melee touch attacks.
  • Although the feat applies to unarmed strike, it does not apply to creature weapons, including Wild Shape.
  • Despite the above mention that Weapon Finesse applies to Whips, whips are not actually implemented in NWN2.

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