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Alias(es): Merchant's Friend
Power: Lesser deity
Pantheon: Faerûnian pantheon
Symbol: Gold coin with Waukeen's profile facing left
Alignment: True neutral
Cleric alignment: N, LN, CN, NG, NE
Portfolio: Money, trade, wealth
Worshippers: Merchants, rogues, traders, the wealthy
Canon NWN2 domains: Knowledge  Protection  Travel  
Other canon domains: Trade
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Club
Canon favoured weapon: Nunchaku - "Cloud of Coins"


Waukeen (pronounced wah-KEEN), or the Merchant's Friend, is the goddess of coins and wealth. She rules over deals done above and below the table and believes that mercantile trade is the best road to enrichment. Waukeen frowns upon destroying fine trade goods and favors those who oppose the propagation of malicious rumors that could harm someone's commerce.

Waukeen's faithful travel the world aiding merchants or staff temples in large cities that serve as moneylenders and change houses. They believe in investing in enterprises that have any chance of succeeding.

During the Time of Troubles, Waukeen was captured and enslaved in the Abyss by the demon lord Graz'zt. Lliira, the Goddess of Joy, took on her portfolio and saw to her followers from that time until Waukeen's eventual escape.