Vorpal is a very rare and potent weapon effect. Targets struck with a critical hit by a weapon with this property must make a successful reflex save (DC 14 to 26, depending on potency) or be slain instantly, regardless of health, presumably by decapitation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Immunity to critical hits, regardless of source, prevents the Vorpal effect.

The following weapons are known to possess the Vorpal Quality:

  • Headsman - a Falchion sold by Fibba (DC20) (1)
  • Balor Longsword
  • Balor Lord Longsword

In addition, weapons may be enhanced/crafted with this property by use of certain recipes in the Mask of the Betrayer (MoTB) campaign module.

Opponents immune to critical hits may still be slain instantly by weapons with the "on hit: slay racial group" effect (fortitude save applies). Examples include:

  • Pharaoh's Mace - a Mace (Slay Undead - DC 22) sold by Haljal Throndor (1)
  • Water's Edge - a Halberd (Slay Elemental - DC14) sold by Fibba (1)
  • Gutspiller - a Kukri (Slay Human - DC 16) sold by Dayne Lynneth (2)
  • Club of Smiting - a Club (Slay Golem - DC 14)

(1) Buying these weapons (available only during ACT II of the original campaign) requires the player possess the Blessed of Waukeen feat.

(2) Buying this weapon (available only during ACT II of the original campaign) requires the player possess the Merchant's Friend feat.

Gameplay notes[edit | edit source]

These weapons have the potential to make short work of what could otherwise be protracted and annoying battles. It can be amusing, for example, to watch Sydney Natale fall very early in combat to the Headsman or Gutspiller without her teleporting all over the place. Similarly, giving Casavir the Pharaoh's Mace during the final run in the Vale of Merdelain can bring a measure of brevity to fighting some of the more powerful undead opponents there.

Note that scripting may sometimes prevent instant death of an opponent by use of these weapons. For example, in the battle with Lorne after the trial, a failed by him save after being hit with Gutspiller will have no effect unless he has already used his deathless frenzy and is being fought by a companion (as compared to the player's main PC, where a cut-scene takes place instead).

The Headsman can be helpful against just about anything not immune to critical hits, particularly if you possess improved critical in the Falchion weapon category (or use an enchantment that duplicates this effect). As for opponents immune to critical hits, the other weapons listed above merely require a successful hit against the relevant target to trigger the effect. With the exception of the Pharaoh's mace, you do have to get a bit lucky to have your opponent fail their save vs. these lower DCs, although - of course - multiple hits require multiple saves.

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