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Weapons Template[]

Sorry i havent been able to get back to this, working as a contractor in IT is spuradic. The initial concept for the Weapons template-line was to have it all start off at Weapons and then have subtrees from there (such as Weapons/Small/Slashing/Long Sword, Weapons/Large/Piercing/Spear, etc) but when i got interrupted i had to drop out of editing. I have notes at home (currently at client site) about how i was going to utilize some of the other dependent templates to gain this effect but needed to iron out some details before full implementation.
All previous pages, that have not been updated, should point to Weapon Info, so if some of the pages are not using the new Weapon Type template (Long Sword, Spear, Greataxe, etc) but instead are using Weapon, they should be pointed to Weapon Info temporarily until i can get them properly migrated back over.
Long Term Intention: Allow for central editing of a template in one location using the Parent-Child-Grandchild inheritance tree to in effect allow for one change to many templates, by template-inheritance.
I am a Solutions developer so my tendency is to design for one, but allow for many uses.
Goldbishop (Talk | Contributions ) 15:43, September 10, 2012 (UTC)