Wazat is a self-admitted power gamer. He loves to figure out the rules of the games he plays, if for no other reason than to abuse them silly. He greatly enjoys planning out really cool characters, and occasionally spends hours planning (but often not playing) a build that seems like a clever idea... much like designing a Magic: The Gathering deck and spending so much time tweaking it you don't get around to playing a game with it. This and other evidence of madness continues to surface, though thankfully he rarely refers to himself in third person like this. :D

Currently he is playing NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer with a Fighter (12)/Bard (1)/Red Dragon Disciple (10)/Frenzied Berserker (7) which, it turns out, is really effective. :)

He also plays Magic: The Gathering, DnD (once a week when the DM is able), and a variety of video games including, but not limited to, DOTA, Ratchet & Clank, Metroid Prime 3, Halo, Starcraft, Azure Dreams, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, X-Com, and so on. In addition to playing games, he occasionally programs mods for games like Quake and Warcraft III, and has done some flash games in the past.

Wazat is currently 25 years old. Being human, his expected life span is approximately 70-90 years, barring death by a random dragon attack or failing a save against massive damage. He's earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and works full-time at a video game company as a programmer. This leaves precious little time for a social life, but we assume he manages. :D