Mictlantecuhtli Builds[edit | edit source]

Epic Summoner: Created prior to Rigilia, however this persistent world does offer some custom summon tokens to druids, rangers, clerics, etc who have Spell Focus (Conjuration), Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration), and Epic Spell Focus (Conjuration) plus Augment Summoning along with their pet feats.

  • Velociraptor (Small Deinonychus) & Djinn (Regular Djinn) as level 8 creatures.
  • Deinonychus (Regular Deinonychus) & Thoqqua (Small Yuan-ti with unarmed fire damage) as level 15 creatures.
  • T-Rex (Large Megaraptor) & Orglash (Regular Orglash) as level 20 creatures.

Spirit Archon: DC 42 Storm of Vengeance and Mass Drown build using a Spirit Shaman. Displacement, Ethereal Jaunt and Contingent Heal greatly increase durability without the need for Wild Shape AC though you can also still wear armor/buffs that give upwards of 50-55 ac if you take the Medium Armor Proficiency feat in order to wear Mithral Full Plate.

Duergar Landwyrm Rider: Naturally immune to five or more things, with high damage reduction and armor class. This build ranks among one of the most powerful Red Dragon Disciple builds available, while likely being the most potent Dwarven Defender build available. Information on the Landwyrm, can be found through the link.

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