You can contact me in a number of different ways: You might leave a note on my talk page, or you might email me. You can contact me via ICQ using 64309542. I also use Yahoo! Messenger as turbo100110 or AOL Messenger as clingonkelt. Any of those will probably serve to get you into contact with me fairly rapidly.


Hello. A little bit about myself:

I'm a 39 year old former retail manager and restaurant server/chef/expediter. I have been fooling around with computers and computer games since about the time of the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I, which is some years back. I've fooled around with D&D for about the same number of years, off and on, and have always wanted a way to bring D&D to the computer screen. My earliest memory of a game that comes close is the old Commodore 64 "The Bard's Tale", which I never managed to finish but was a very nice game for it's time. In any event, this explains my interest in NWN and my high hopes for NWN2.

That said, I am also a veteran of Starfleet Command, a wonderful game by the folks at Taldren and 14 deg. East based upon the old Star Fleet Battles PnP rules by Amarillo Design Bureau. Sadly, I saw the "Version II" of that game begin a steady downward spiral into oblivion, such that today I don't even think the game is supported by GameSpy. I am extremely hopeful that this isn't the way NWN2 goes. Of course, while SFC and SFC2 had enormous followings, the community there was involved in competitive "Ladder" play with fleets and ranks and battles for points and so forth. The community here is more about creativity than about accumulating ladder rank at any cost (including: cheating, soft mods, newbie hunting, bug exploits, and all the wonderful powergaming hints and tips we've come to know and love/hate). So there is some cause for hope that NWN2 will NOT bring about the demise of the community in the same manner. I would be very disappointed if it did so.

I'm also the person responsible for the Firefox Search Bar plugins over on the NWN Wiki. I'll be recoding them for the NWN2 wiki and will publish them as soon as they are working properly, probably before the next day or two.