NWN1/NWN2 NWScripter.

Current project[]

The Spells pages are in dire need of more information.

I have cleaned up the stats template, I am going to see about adding fully detailed descriptions, notes and references. They also need to be under the correct name - like Acid Splash instead of Acid splash. :)

I will also see about having the template automatically add category links, so I'll work on a few spells at a time, when I get a change.

With somewhat limited time it is an as-and-when issue, anyone else who is disgusted I standardised the spell info template or doesn't like the colours, you can hopefully edit the other spells to be inline with a nicely standardised template (so I can update it more later). :)

- Jasperre 14:17, 5 December 2006 (PST)

To do:[]

  • Spells <- In progress
    • Spell icons <- Need a good way to upload 600 files
    • Spell pictures <- Need a good way to upload 1500+ pictures!
  • Feats <- In progress
    • A revamped standardised template like for spells
    • Pictures (of the feat in use) if appropriate
    • Class feats, non-selectable feats in the feats.2da file
    • Better categorisation (started with Category: Combat Feats). Can include on template some like the spell template.
      • Class levels required ("Must be a fighter...")
      • Base attack bonus X required ("Must have +10 Base Attack Bonus")
      • Skill X required ("Skill rank required: hide, 10 ranks")
      • Stat required ("Requirement: Int 13+")
      • Others, like "Cast Arcane Spells" or suchlike.
      • A catch all "Misc requirements" too.
  • Custom Content <- This needs serious work
    • Tutorial collection
    • Documentation of 2da columns (needs template)

Wiki cleanup:

Stance on page capitalisation[]

While in-the-wiki articles might use different capitalisation, there is no reason why page titles cannot be the proper capitalised versions ("Magic Missile" rather then "Magic missile"). Redirections can easily be sorted for old links :)

This is my personal stance, and I hope the wiki will adopt it eventually. :) - Jasperre 16:39, 18 January 2007 (PST)