• Real Life name: René P.
  • Lives in: D-59514 Welver, Germany(NRW)
  • Age: 18 (Birth date: Aug 22, 1987 in Hamm(NRW))
"Der Unbekannte" is german and means The Unknown (person)

Recent and present history in NWN[]

(Former?) Player of Bastions of War, left NWN for cheaters and common toolset-abuse practices (nearby anyone does this!); However, he is still willing to help players having problems running NWN and also may help servers that are following his wished type of server (Banned Itemsteal methods (PvP-pick-pocket and PvP-disarm/improved disarm) Servervault, if roleplay server: Allowing all races without applicants only or bannings) At the moment, he is helping compending data at NWN2, because it is also his interest to see all facts quickly.

He will buy NWN2 when it ships, but will play it singleplayer only, because the cheating and toolset abusage will take place in nwn2 as it did in nwn.