Hey folks,

I'm a big Wiki user generally and since I've been playing NWN1 and expansions for many years I thought I would help out with this NWN2 wiki. I (was)/am a regular player on Escape from the Underdark Persistent World for NWN1.

I'm also the creator of a custom domains and deities list which you can find on the Vault here. It's unfortunately out of date - but I intend to revamp and revise it soon, dividing the FR setting from the core DnD setting and setting it up as a custom.tlk using hak for builders.

My NWN2 characters so far[]

OC/MotB Characters[]

Rocco Morana: Human, Lawful Good, Cleric of Kelemvor 27/NW9 3; averted the Crusade, restored the soul of the Betrayer.

Thralia Bladesong: Drow, chaotic evil, Bard 17/Blackguard 4 of Shar; Vault of the Death God

Daithí Ove: Air genasi, True neutral, Rogue 2/Fighter 2 of Selûne; Fort Locke graveyard

Pallav: Rock gnome, neutral good, Druid 4 of Baervan Wildwanderer; arrived at the Weeping Willow.

Zoraida Nuray: Shield dwarf, chaotic good, Enchanter 5 of Dugmaren Brightmantle - with Ethra the Pig!; Band(it) camp

Maya Senka: Rock gnome, Chaotic Neutral, Sorcerer 3, Baravar Cloakshadow; in the swamp; abandoned.

Lomion: Moon elf, chaotic good, Fighter 6/Wizard 1/Arcane archer 3, Sehanine Moonbow; visited the Archives; now abandoned.

Gethin: Tiefling, neutral evil, Rogue 6/Assassin 1, Loviatar; defending the thieves' guild warehouse; abandoned.

PW Characters[]

Ruya Cathasaigh: Half-elf, lawful good, Paladin, Helm; Sundren

Salim/Naji/Aamina (undecided!) Somarliór: Wood elf, chaotic good, Cleric of Shaundakul; Thesk

Divya Prithat: Aasimar, chaotic good, Favored soul of Sharess -- still in idea form