Use Magic Device allows a character to use a magic item as if your character had the required class, race, or alignment.

Modifying ability: Charisma

Classes: Bard, Rogue, Warlock, Assassin

Requires training: Yes


  • equip restricted items: 11 points
  • use restricted wand: 10 points
  • use restricted scroll: generally 11 + 2x spell level

On hardcore rules, an additional successful UMD roll is required to cast a spell from a scroll: UMD [skill + 1d20] vs. [25 + spell level] or the casting fails.

Special: A Warlocks' deceive item feat adds a 4 bonus to UMD checks.

Use: Automatically applied whenever a character attempts to use or equip an item normally unusable by his class, race, or alignment.


  • The UMD skill has changed significantly with game patches. This page now reflects the latest game version 1.023.
  • Unlike in NWN1, the player can now gain ranks in Use magic device with any class.
  • 11 points are reasonably easy to achieve, even as a cross-class skill. E.g., at character level 13: 8 base skill points + 3 skill focus + 0 charisma modifier.
  • The scroll casting UMD check is difficult. E.g., a level 20 bard with 30 points UMD (23 base + 7 points charisma modifier) may still fail casting high-level spells.
  • Some scrolls have slightly different UMD values than expected from the spell level.
  • No UMD check is required to cast spells from scrolls that have level that is normally too high. E.g., a level 1 Cleric can cast level 9 Cleric spells from scrolls without UMD check.
  • Note that UMD does NOT allow a character to use weapons or armour for which they lack proficiency. For example, a Wizard can NOT use a magical warhammer just because he has UMD.
  • Note: Tiny races like Deep Gnome STILL can not use Longbow even with approriate UMD.

UMD Ranks Needed for Specific Items Edit

Item Restriction UMD Ranks Needed
Eldritch Knight Chain Shirt Class: Eldritch Knight 11
Anagrys' Mindmaze Class: Wizard 11
Boots of the Sun Soul +4 Class: Monk 11
Lorne's Falchion Alignment: Evil 11
Wand of Arcane Disjunction Class: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard 10
Wand of Fire Class: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard 10

Known BugsEdit

  • If a character needs to have Use magic device to equip a wearable item and if that character must use either a Charisma or skill boosting item, spell, or effect to equip the item using the Use magic device skill, that character may un-equip the item upon area transfers.

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