Use Magic Device allows a character to use a magic item as if your character had the required class, race, or alignment.

Modifying ability: Charisma

Classes: Bard, Rogue, Warlock, Assassin

Requires training: Yes


  • equip restricted items: 11 points
  • use restricted wand: 10 points
  • use restricted scroll: generally 11 + 2x spell level

On hardcore rules, an additional successful UMD roll is required to cast a spell from a scroll: UMD [skill + 1d20] vs. [25 + spell level] or the casting fails.

Special: A Warlocks' deceive item feat adds a 4 bonus to UMD checks.

Use: Automatically applied whenever a character attempts to use or equip an item normally unusable by his class, race, or alignment.


  • The UMD skill has changed significantly with game patches. This page now reflects the latest game version 1.023.
  • Unlike in NWN1, the player can now gain ranks in Use magic device with any class.
  • 11 points are reasonably easy to achieve, even as a cross-class skill. E.g., at character level 13: 8 base skill points + 3 skill focus + 0 charisma modifier.
  • The scroll casting UMD check is difficult. E.g., a level 20 bard with 30 points UMD (23 base + 7 points charisma modifier) may still fail casting high-level spells.
  • Some scrolls have slightly different UMD values than expected from the spell level.
  • No UMD check is required to cast spells from scrolls that have level that is normally too high. E.g., a level 1 Cleric can cast level 9 Cleric spells from scrolls without UMD check.
  • Note that UMD does NOT allow a character to use weapons or armour for which they lack proficiency. For example, a Wizard can NOT use a magical warhammer just because he has UMD.
  • Note: Tiny races like Deep Gnome STILL can not use Longbow even with approriate UMD.

UMD Ranks Needed for Specific Items[]

Item Restriction UMD Ranks Needed
Eldritch Knight Chain Shirt Class: Eldritch Knight 11
Anagrys' Mindmaze Class: Wizard 11
Boots of the Sun Soul +4 Class: Monk 11
Lorne's Falchion Alignment: Evil 11
Wand of Arcane Disjunction Class: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard 10
Wand of Fire Class: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard 10

Known Bugs[]

  • If a character needs to have Use magic device to equip a wearable item and if that character must use either a Charisma or skill boosting item, spell, or effect to equip the item using the Use magic device skill, that character may un-equip the item upon area transfers.

See also[]

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