Type of feat
Invisible Blade level 1
Required for

An Invisible Blade benefits from an increased survival instinct during combat. Because of this sixth sense, he adds 1 point of his Intelligence bonus (if any) per Invisible Blade level to his Armor Class in addition to any other modifiers he would normally receive. If the Invisible Blade is caught flat-footed, or is otherwise denied his Dexterity modifier to Armor Class, he also loses this bonus. Unfettered Defense functions only when an Invisible Blade is not wearing armor and is not wielding a ranged weapon. This does not stack with Canny Defense from the Duelist.


Notes:[edit | edit source]

  • The AC granted by unfettered defense can be used with Robes and does stack with any shield, including Tower Shields
  • The AC bonus from this feat is of the unarmored type
  • Contrary to the above description, the Invisible Blade AC bonus is active whenever the character is combat ready, even if caught flat-footed. However prior to Initiative, and if caught flat-footed during a relaxed stance, the character does lose this bonus.
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