Unarmored bonus (not to be confused with Dodge bonus) is a bonus to Armor Class resulting from a creature's innate ability to avoid unwanted contact in combat. Every creature has a base 10 points of unarmored AC.

Unarmored bonuses stack with themselves as well as the other 5 types of bonuses to Armor Class: Armor, Deflection, Dodge, Natural and Shield.

Unarmored bonuses are granted only by certain feats. Typically these feats are either persistent or may be activated as a free action with an indefinite duration. This is in contrast to other AC types that may receive bonuses from multiple sources (such as items, spells or feats with spell-like abilities), are often of limited duration and may require actions that take time to bring to effect. The known feats which grant unarmored bonuses to AC are:

  1. Although Canny Defense is a persistent feat, it is (temporarily) negated by the PC's use of armor or a shield.
  2. Combat Expertise and Improved Combat Expertise are types of combat modes. Activation of either feat is a free action and only one combat mode may be used by the PC at any given time. Combat Expertise and Improved Combat Expertise are temporarily disabled while the PC is prone.

Regardless of source, unarmored bonuses to Armor Class (and base unarmored AC) apply against all attack types, including touch attacks and while flat-footed.

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