The tower shield is a veritable wall of protection, though it can be quite cumbersome to carry on an adventure.


  • As of v1.23, the attack penalty applies to all weapons, except unarmed attacks. In prior versions it applied to no weapon, though it was displayed on the character sheet.
  • Small stature prevents a character from equipping a tower shield. This is true even when the small character has Monkey Grip, or is under the effect of Enlarge Person.
  • As NWN2 was built from pre-1.69 NWN1, the tower shield weight bug is present. It remains unfixed as of version 1.20. (v1.23?)

Crafting mold[]

The crafting mold for a tower shield requires 3 metal ingots or 3 wooden planks. Other than normal iron ingots and wooden planks, one can alternatively use: