Camera/Viewpoint Controls[]

  • Panning (changing the currently viewed location): Ctrl + Left Mouse and drag (May not work on some systems)
  • Rotate the camera: hold Control + right mouse and drag
  • Rotate the camera: press middle mouse button or wheel and drag
  • Adjusting the camera height: Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse and Drag (Vertical)
  • Zoom in/out: roll mouse wheel. Users without mouse see Discussion. (What Discussion?)

Window Controls[]

  • F2 : Select Objects mode
  • F3 : Paint Objects mode
  • F4 : Select Terrain mode
  • F5 : Paint Terrain mode
  • [1.05] Ctrl+Shift+C : Close current window
  • [1.05] Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Switch active window/tab. (Does not work if the editor control of script editor has focus)

Brush Controls[]

  • [1.06] [ : Brush inner size down 1
  • [1.06] Shift+[ : Brush inner size up one
  • [1.06] ] : Brush outer size down 1
  • [1.06] Shift+] : Brush outer size up 1
  • [1.06] - : Pressure down 10%
  • [1.06] Shift+- : Pressure down 25%
  • [1.06] = : Pressure up 10%
  • [1.06] Shift+= : Pressure up 25%

Object Manipulation (Creatures, Placeables, Effects and Trees)[]

  • To move an object on the X/Y: Directional arrows (or Alt+Arrows)
  • To rotate objects: (Can’t rotate trees)
    • Mouse: Select the object(s) then hold down shift + right click drag
    • Keyboard: Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow
  • Raising and lowering objects:
    • Mouse: holding down alt while moving the mouse forward and backward quickly raises/lowers an object
    • Keyboard (precision): PageUp/PageDown
    • Mouse (precision): Shift + Mousewheel
  • To make an object stack atop another placeable, hold down “S” while placing it.
  • To drop an object to the ground, press Space while it's selected.
  • To hold a placeable in place without actually placing it, hold down CTRL.
  • To lock a placeable into an x-y position: “L”
  • To lock a placeable into a z position (height): “Z”

Static Camera Placement[]

These only work if a static camera is selected, and can give very-fine tuned control over camera angles:

  • All of the normal object manipulation shortcuts also work
  • Shift + Rightclick + Mousemove : rotates the camera around its Y axis
  • Ctrl + Shift + Rightclick + Mousemove -> rotates the camera around its X axis
  • Shift + Alt + Rightclick + Mousemove -> tilts camera around its Z axis
  • Home key sets camera position to match the current view within the main area viewer.

Preview Window[]

A useful thing to know is that when you have a camera selected, and enable preview mode in the Properties window, the preview window will show you exactly what the camera "sees" as it would render in-game.

Interior Tile Placement[]

  • Rotate tiles: Left & Right arrow keys
  • Switch between tile variants: Up and Down


  • Right-click toggles between Select/Paint when a terrain tool is selected.
  • Ctrl + Shift + O to open module and global scripts and dialogs using a text filter.