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Carrying the very taint of evil in their forms, and perhaps their very souls, tieflings are often persecuted and feared throughout the planes. Because they are descended from evil outsiders, those who know their ancestry immediately consider most tieflings evil and untrustworthy. Not all tieflings are evil or untrustworthy, but enough are that the prejudice tends to cling.

Some tieflings have a minor physical trait suggesting their heritage, such as pointed teeth, red eyes, small horns, the odor of brimstone, cloven feet, or just an unnatural aura of wrongness. Those descended from an infernal minion often carry a birthmark of the deity's holy symbol or another trait related to that evil faith.

Ability adjustments[edit | edit source]

+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma

Racial features[edit | edit source]

Icon tiefling.jpg

Tiefling rogue at West Harbor

Level adjustment: +1. Tieflings are slightly more powerful and gain levels more slowly than other races. It will take more experience for a tiefling to reach level 2 than it would for normal races, for example.

Size: Medium

Favored class: Rogue. A multiclass tiefling's rogue class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing.

DnD 3.5 comparison[edit | edit source]

  • NWN and NWN2 both exclude languages.
  • The game does not seem to acknowledge planetouched PCs' status as native outsiders. Consequently they do not receive simple and martial weapon proficiencies for free, and do not receive immunity to spells such as charm person. They will also not be affected by turn undead attempts against outsiders.

Notable Tieflings[edit | edit source]

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