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Alias(es): Lady of Poison, Mistress of Disease, Mother of All Plagues
Power: Lesser deity
Pantheon: Faerûnian pantheon
Symbol: Three amber teardrops on a purple triangle
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Cleric alignment: CN, CE, NE
Portfolio: Disease, poison
Worshippers: Assassins, druids, healers, rogues, those suffering from disease and illness
Canon NWN2 domains: Chaos  Destruction  Evil  
Other canon domains: Suffering
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Unarmed strike - "A scabrous hand"


Symbol of Talona

Talona (tah-low-nah) is often depicted as a withered old crone with a scarred, tattooed face in religious texts. She has the personality of a petulant, greedy child trapped in the body of a once-beautiful woman now scarred by horrific disease and ravaged by age. She alternately desires attention at any cost like a small child and becomes aloof like a wounded paramour who has been discarded by her love.