Track Mode

Mini-map shows nearby enemies, that are being tracked with Survival skill or by Scent.


Characters with this skill may enter Tracking mode, moving slowly when doing so; wherein hostile humanoids, animals and vermin can be tracked on the mini-map. Higher Survival skill allows tracking of more elusive creatures. This mode can also be enhanced with the Track feat and with the appropriate skill can track any hostile creature types.

Use: You can toggle Track mode at will and able to track hostiles with equal or less stealth skill than the trackers survival skill.


Skill difficulty is inconsistent and the list of creatures that can be tracked without the Track feat is limited. Range will be at listen distance and the target creature's stealth can be estimated from 3.5e (regardless if that creature is using stealth). eg; Bugbears 5 and Ghouls 6 or to more than 48 for Epic Rogues.

Note: PvP tracking requires the Track feat (player races are not humaniod)

Suggested skill levels (limited testing)

Survival only; humanoids, animals and vermin   7 (unlikely if any higher needed? and not all humaniods)

Track; monsters                                                  10+Vampires 8, Elite Vampires 10 and some outsiders being higher

Track; PvP                                                           ECL x 1.5 + 6 (too costly, if not impossible for a minor effect)


Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: None.

Specifics: This feat paints all hostile targets on the minimap when using the Track mode, showing you enemies within (listen) range determined by your Survival skill.

Use: This feat enhances your Track mode ability. You can toggle Track mode at will.


Type of feat Racial

Prerequisite Gray Orc

Required for None

Specifics: Scent allows one to show nearby enemies on the mini-map, sniff out hidden foes and track by sense of smell. This allows the user to track stealthed and invisible targets when using the Track ability.


This feat can track hidden enemies on the minimap (only if they are set hostile). However when you get in range you'll still require a spot/listen check to detect and then target any stealthed opponents with other than AoE's.

This ability is superior to the Track ability, not requiring Survival skill to check against stealth.

Ragimund (talk) 09:32, August 3, 2019 (UTC)

Best for exploring new areas, suggested skill is dependant on expected encounters and if Track feat is used.

Anyone know if there is any equipment that helps survival skill? Ragimund (talk)

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