Recommended Hit Points (whatever is economical after first rectifying any low AC issue).

Hit Points are commonly linear in game, as players are not often increasing Constitution. Although Hit Points may have greater value than Armor Class because high AC doesn't stop all types of damage, it is preferred however to avoid damage rather than to cure wounds. Plus unfortunately those with the most Hit Points tend to require more healing.

But to gauge where the priorities are, we need to average Armor Class and Hit Points (hit points easy, AC?)

Hit Points will be poor if less than 7 per level, low if 7 per level, average if 10 per level and high when 13 or more per level  (rounded nearest, was 6.6,10 and 13.3) 
When better at avoiding damage, then lower the priority will be for increasing HP. But Hit Points are mostly linear, so this requires the appropriate Constitution at 1st level and deciding if Toughness will be taken. Ragimund (talk) 03:31, April 27, 2019 (UTC)