Sydney (female neutral evil human conjurer) is an NPC in the official campaign, and is a member of the Arcane Brotherhood.

Sydney Natale


Heavyset with unkempt hair and a frumpy dress, this Luskan mage still carries herself with a regal bearing, and while she doesn't return your gaze, you have a sense that she's very much aware of your look.

Official Campaign[]

Sydney, a mage of the Arcane Brotherhood, is seen in several cutscenes with academy instructor Johcris, who is willing to make a shady deal with her in exchange for making Qara suffer following the dispute she had with his daughter. Sydney creates an "Animus Elemental" via an old Illefarn ritual as part of the deal, which begins stalking her.

After Torio Claven is removed from her position as ambassador, Sydney serves as the new Luskan ambassador, and presents the location of Black Garius lair: the abandoned Crossroad Keep. She downplays him, Torio, and Lorne as a rogue faction not associated with Luskan proper. She is often accompanied by her timid assistant Khralver.

In Act III, she sends to Khralver to Crossroad Keep to deliver a request for a meeting concerning the Shadow Reavers, but to only bring Zhjaeve and Qara. At a forest clearing, Sydney, along with Jalboun of the Two Blades, presents scrolls containing the Truenames of the Reavers, asking Zhjaeve if they might work. After she confirms this, Sydney shows her true colors, summoning the Animus Elemental with the intention of killing the PC and Qara, but capturing Zhjaeve to use against the Reavers. The PC, Qara, and Zhjaeve are forced to destroy Sydney and the Animus.


Sydney Natale

  • Sydney was voiced by Charity James.
  • The player can optionally turn Jalboun against her during the forest confrontation, potentially offering him a place at Crossroad Keep.
  • Even though she is a conjuration wizard, she can be seen using Transmutation spells in combat. (Found in 1.23)