Type of feat: Class

Prerequisite: Hellfire Warlock 2


Once per day, the Hellfire Warlock can randomly summon a Baatezu from the Nine Hells to fight for the party. Control of the Baatezu lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1 round per hellfire warlock level + 1d8 + their Charisma bonus. When the ability expires, the caster loses dominance over the Baatezu - which can have disastrous consequences, as devils typically despise being bothered by lesser beings. The caster is advised not to leave this up to chance, and dispel this summons before this time is up, sending the Baatezu back to the Nine Hells - though the devil might not attack, this method is the only certain way of avoiding a violent confrontation with the angry creature.


  • Generally, only certain Baatezu summoned in this way will turn on the party, and only then in specific settings. Mephasm and Neeshka are sympathetic devils who never turn, while Hezebel, Nrungnorog, Korarobos and Avernus Fried Chicken will always do so if they are in certain areas. The PC controlled path to Crossroad Keep and Port Llast are consistent defection zones, while the Ruins of Arvahn and the Sunken Flagon never result in apostate summons.
  • summons in process

    If the devil turns on the party, NPCs will react accordingly (e.g. "active" town guards will attack it) and if defeated, (s)he will give XP upon its death. Repeatedly dispatching Baatezu in this manner allows a path for players to grind their way up to their maximum level, albeit very slowly, especially at higher character levels. Turncoat devils yield experience based on their challenge rating, with Koraboros and Avernus Fried Chicken providing the most experience.
  • Among the Baatezu that can be summoned are Neeshka, Mephasm, Nrungnorog, Koraboros, Hezebel and Avernus Fried Chicken. Koraboros has a roughly 1 in 10 chance of appearing - Avernus Fried Chicken, 1 in 100.

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