Type of Feat: Metamagic

Prerequisite: Ability to cast 1st-level spells.

Required for: Automatic: Still Spell

Specifics: Still spells are cast without a somatic component. Any penalties incurred from casting in armor do not apply to a spell prepared with this feat.

Use: A stilled spell occupies a spell slot one level higher than normal.

For a list of all spells which can be enhanced by this feat, see: Category:Spells that can be Stilled.

Notes:[edit | edit source]

All spells that are designated as Still Spells are cast as though they are one level higher (i.e. a 3rd level Fireball spell uses a 4th level spell slot if it is assigned as a Stilled Spell). Stilled spells are cast without their somatic component, and thus are not subject to spell failure from armor check penalties. Casting a Stilled Spell does NOT increase the spells DC. Spell DC is based off the original spell, prior to applying the meta-magic feat.

Some spells do not require somatic components and are thus able to be cast regardless of ASF. Thus, they may be cast in armor WITHOUT the use of this feat.

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