Type of feat
Required for
Swift and Silent

+2 Hide and Move Silently


Gameplay Notes[edit | edit source]

This provides a +4 bonus split over two skills, opposed to Skill focus which provides a +3 bonus in only one skill. This can help those who use stealth, since that includes move silently. Taking the Wild Child character history feat will also be helpful to maximize stealth potential.

It is required for Shadow Thief of Amn prestige class. The Stealthy feat is not to be confused with the racial feats Skill Affinity (Move Silently) of Halflings and Greater Skill Affinity (Move Silently) of duergar, which are also named "Stealthy" on the race selection screens at character creation.

At this time it is not possible to take the Swift and Silent feat. ((Patch 1.23))

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