*void*0Row's ID (unique) -
LabelAcid_FogName of the spell -
Name750Where to pull the name's string from strref.
IconResRefis_acidfogWhere to pull the spell's icon out of -
SchoolCWhat school of magic the spell is classified asUsually the first letter of the school, except for Evocation, which is V
RangeLRange of the spellT=Touch : S=Short ; M=Medium ; L=Long ; P=Personal
VSvsVerbal and/or Somaticv=verbal ; s=somatic ; absence of either denotes the spell doesn't use that component.
MetaMagic0x3fWhat metamagics the spell is compatible withUses bitwise flags: 0x00=None (0) ; 0x01=Empower (1) ; 0x02=Extend (2) ; 0x04=Maximize (4) ; 0x08=Quicken (8) ; 0x10=Silent (16) ; 0x20=Still (32) ; 0x40=Persistent (64) ; 0x80=Unknown (128) (Permanent or Chain? nwscript.nss conflicts w/ metamagic.2da). For warlock invocations see [metamagic.2da]
TargetType0x3EWhat the spell can targetUses bitwise flags: 0x01=Self ; 0x02=Creature ; 0x04=Area/Ground ; 0x08=Items ; 0x10=Doors ; 0x20=Placeables ; 0x40=Traps; using 0x02 targets hostile or friendly, one or the other based on setting in hostile column - certain rows are hard coded to ignore this and do both at once; To target a spell to just the caster which immediately fires set TargetType to just 0x01 and set hostile column to ****;

WARNING: for master radial spells, specify 0x3E a a target or some subradial spells won't work if anything else, or nothing is specified.

ImpactScriptNW_SO_AcidFogScript of what happens upon impact -
Bard****What level bards get this spell -
Cleric****What level clerics get this spell -
Druid****What level druids get this spell -
Paladin****What level paladins get this spell -
Ranger****What level rangers get this spell -
Wiz_Sorc6What level wizards and sorcerers get this spell -
Warlock****What level warlocks get this spell -
Innate****The innate spell level of the spell -
ConjTime1500Time taken to channel the spell1000=1 second real time
ConjAnimattackWhat type of animation the spell uses during casting -
ConjVisual0sp_acid_conjure.sefThe animation used during casting -
LowConjVisual0sp_magic_conjure.sef - -
ConjVisual1**** -Seemingly unused
ConjVisual2**** -Seemingly unused
ConjSoundVFX**** -Only used for the True Name scroll
ConjSoundMalevs_chant_conj_hmIncantation's sound file, for Males -
ConjSoundFemalevs_chant_conj_hfAs above, but for females -
ConjSoundOverride**** - -
CastAnimareaWhat type of animation the spell uses when the spell is cast -
CastTime1000Time between the casting of the spell and when you can move the caster1000=1 second real time
CastVisual0sp_acid_cast.sefAnimation used when cast -
LowCastVisual0sp_acid_cast.sef - -
CastVisual1**** -Seemingly Unused
CastVisual2**** -Seemingly Unused
CastSound**** -Seemingly Unused
Proj1Is it a projectile?1=yes ; 0=no
ProjModel****Model used for the projectile -
ProjSEFsp_acid_travel.sef.sef file used for the projectile -
LowProjSEFsp_acid_travel.sef - -
ProjTypeacceleratingPhysics of the projectile -
ProjSpwnPointrhandWhere the projectile comes from -
ProjSound****Sound played during projectile's flight -
ProjOrientationpath -Seemingly always either "path" or "****"
ImpactSEFsp_acid_aoe.sef.sef file played on impact -
LowImpactSEFsp_acid_aoe.sef - -
ImmunityTypeAcidWhat type of immunity renders the spell ineffectivePer Skywing is not used in any way by the engine, only used for script which refer to it.
ItemImmunity1Can an item give immunity to this spell0=no ; 1=yes, should also be present in [iprp_spellcost.2da]
SubRadSpell1****What spells can be selected to be cast from this oneUsed when the spell needs you to select how to behave (eg. Shadow Conjuration)
SubRadSpell2****As AboveAs Above
SubRadSpell3****As AboveAs Above
SubRadSpell4****As AboveAs Above
SubRadSpell5****As AboveAs Above
Category11Used for AIRefers to [categories.2da]
Master****What spell is needed to cast this spellUsed when the spell offers a variety of modes (eg, Shadow Conjuration, Meteor Swarm, etc)
UserType1What type of Spell it is1=Spell ; 2=Spell-like ability ; 3=feat ; 4=special
SpellDesc6096Where in the .tlk the game pulls the description from -
UseConcentration1Can the spell be interrupted1=yes ; 0=no
SpontaneouslyCast0Can the spell be cast without preparation1=yes ; 0=no
SpontCastClassReq0What class can cast this spontaneouslyRefers to classes.2da
AltMessage****Message displayed when castRefers to the .tlk file
HostileSetting1This setting defines who or what can be targeted with this spell. If set to non-hostile, hostile creatures cannot be targeted and vice versa1=yes ; 0=no
FeatID****Which feat casts this spellRefers to the feat.2da line number. For radial spells, each subspells FeatID must relate to a unique index calculated this way: (65536 * subspell2daID) + feat.2da line. The top 16 bits are used for the subspell, the bottom for the feat line. (See NOTE 1 below)
Counter1****What spell can counter this oneRemoved from NWN2
Counter2****What other spell can counter this oneRemoved from NWN2
HasProjectile1Does the spell use a projectile?1=yes ; 0=no
AsMetaMagic****Used for Warlock IncantationsLikely to be in binary
TargetingUI8Different types of targetting visual effects (cursors drawn on the ground) that come up when player targets before casting the spell Refers to [spelltarget.2da]
CastableOnDead1 - -
REMOVED0Has this spell been removed from the game?1=yes ; 0=no

NOTE1: Implementation is more fully described at, Custom Radial Spell[1]

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