The length of time a spell lasts. Where hours or minutes are used, these are in game time. Where a specific number of rounds are used, it is necessary to multiply by the length of (real) time of those units.

  • 1 hour in NWN2 defaults to 2 minutes, although can differ from module to module.
  • 1 minute in NWN2 is 60 seconds, or 10 rounds
  • 1 round in NWN2 is 6 seconds

Game hours are dependent on module settings and is therefore inconsistent. The default setting is 2 minutes to 1 hour.

Many spells have instantaneous effects, and therefore don't have any kind of duration based of the casters level or a unit of time.

Old values of time[]

The old term turn is depreciated and is not refered to in NWN2. A turn was used in NWN1 to refer to 60 seconds duration, and can still be found with the function TurnsToSeconds() in NWN2.