The Sleight of Hand skill allows a character to pick the pocket of an NPC.

Modifying ability: Dexterity

Classes: Bard, Rogue; Arcane trickster, Assassin, Harper agent, Shadow Thief of Amn, Shadowdancer

Requires training: Yes

Check: There are two parts to successfully picking a pocket. First the item must be acquired, and then the targeted creature must not notice the theft. Stealing the item is a simple skill test against the target’s difficulty class. The base DC for a neutral or tolerant creature is 20, and 30 for a hostile creature. The targeted creature then makes an opposed Spot check against the character’s Pick Pocket check. Hostile creatures have a +10 bonus to their Spot checks in this test. If the targeted creature succeeds at this opposed check, then the target has detected the theft attempt. A PC will be informed that the character has attempted to pick pocket him. If the character is successful at both checks, then he steals the item without being detected.

Special: Armor check penalty applies to this skill.

Use: Selected

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