Sir Nevalle (male lawful good fighter) is an NPC in the NWN2 official campaign.

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"Wearing the lavish attire of a landed knight, this handsome man has the face and body of a chiseled statue. You recognize the heraldry on his garb as the same worn by Callum, marking this man as one of the Neverwinter Nine."

Official campaign[edit | edit source]

Sir Nevalle is one of the Neverwinter Nine, and Lord Nasher's right-hand man. He and Lord Nasher are first seen in a cutscene discussing the situation in the Docks district. He becomes more involved in the story after Torio Claven accused the PC of the massacre of Ember, and arranges for he/she to be knighted in order to bypass the extradition treaty, as well as having Sand assist in the investigation.

At the beginning of Act III, Nevalle arrives at Crossroad Keep to summon the player to Castle Never, where he/she is to be knighted. Unfortunately, a Shadow Reaver launched a sneak attack, forcing them to use Neverneath to reach the sealed throne room and remove the Reaver. With the coming crisis, the PC is knighted and Nevalle becomes Nasher's liaison at the keep. If the player chooses to build a tower for the Neverwinter Nine, Nevalle will operate from there and will offer to spar with the player.

After Nasher retreats from Highcliff and recovers from his wounds, Nevalle assists Kana and the PC in the defense against the siege from Black Garius. As he is a character in Storm of Zehir, we can see that he survived the main quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nevalle was voiced by Brian Hutchinson.
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