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Shield of Faith
Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 1, Cleric: 1
School : Abjuration
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Touch
Target/Area : Single
Duration : 1 min. * cLevel
10 Rounds(cLevel)
Save : None
Spell resistance : No

Description[edit | edit source]

The target gains a +2 deflection bonus to their armor class, with an additional +1 bonus for every six caster levels you have (maximum of +5).

Notes[edit | edit source]

For the purposes of easily knowing what this spell provides, this is the amount of AC gained:

AC Chart for Shield of Faith
Level range Deflection AC amount
1-5 2
6-11 3
12-17 4
18+ 5

It therefore scales well enough, for its medium duration (extended at higher levels puts it on a very high duration) it performs the ability of a good ring of protection or cloak of fortification, which are the two most common magical items that provide deflection AC. The amount a ring of protection +5 costs makes even the highest level cleric think about using this spell over it.

Because it can be cast on party members, too, allows for a helpful boost to anyone without a high amount of deflection AC. At lower levels, the duration isn't brilliant but the AC bonus is usually well over any equipment. At the highest levels (18+) you get +5 to your AC for a long enough duration to last from when you start a battle to when you use up your other spells.

Of course, this spell can be dispelled leaving your AC much worse if other equipment isn't being used - although usually at the higher levels where dispel magic is more of a problem, the cleric has enough low level slots (possibly a dozen or more level 1 and 2 slots) for this spell to recast it.

Shield of Faith can be used with the Persistent Spell feat, however because of the long duration it not the best spell to use with this feat. Beyond caster level 24 the spell lasts longer extended than it does persisted (48 minutes). By the time a spell caster acquires the ability to persist this spell it lasts 26 minutes extended, which should be more than adequate for most applications.

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