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Alias(es): The Spider that Waits, Lolth's Champion
Power: Demigod
Pantheon: The Dark Seldarine (Drow)
Symbol: A spider over crossed sword and mace
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Cleric alignment: CE, CN, NE
Portfolio: Bloodlust, battle prowess, drow warriors
Worshippers: Barbarians, fighters, those who like to kill, warriors
Canon NWN2 domains: Chaos  Evil  War  
Other canon domains: Drow, Spider
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Morningstar
Canon favoured weapon: Heavy mace - "Venommace"


Selvetarm, known also as The Spider that Waits or Lolth's Champion, is a chaotic evil demigod worshipped by few drow in the Underdark; the place where his worshippers are most common are in the city of Eryndlyn. He is the patron of unequaled battle prowess and bloodlust. Selvetarm cares only for battle and destruction everywhere, and he has a great hatred for all things living, although that is nothing compared to the hate he has stored for his mistress Lolth.