Type of feat
General, Epic
Character level 21, Dexterity 30+, Hide 30, Tumble 30, Improved Evasion
Required for

Attacks against you have a 10% chance to miss automatically. This feat may be taken multiple times, to a maximum of 50%.


Gameplay Notes Edit

  • While it is possible to obtain up to 30% self-concealment with this feat (starting with 10% at character level 27), it is nevertheless not recommended: Monks gain Empty Body at level 19 and Rogues must forfeit Epic Precision and Epic Dodge to attain this level of self-concealment.
  • 30% self-concealment is only possible playing a level 28+ Rogue or level 30 Monk with a race that gives a +2 bonus to dexterity; otherwise the limit is 20%.

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