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Ig hu selune


Alias(es): The Moonmaiden, Our Lady of Silver, the Night White Lady
Power: Intermediate deity
Pantheon: Faerûnian pantheon
Symbol: Pair of female eyes surrounded by seven silver stars
Alignment: Chaotic good
Cleric alignment: CG, CN, NG
Portfolio: Good and neutral lycanthropes, moon, navigation, questers, stars, wanderers
Worshippers: Female spellcasters, good and neutral lycanthropes, navigators, monks (Sun Soul), sailors
Canon NWN2 domains: Chaos  Good  Protection  Travel  
Other canon domains: Moon
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Morningstar
Canon favoured weapon: Heavy mace - "The Rod of Four Moons"
Allies: Mystra, Eilistraee, Tymora, Chauntea
Enemies: Shar

Selune symbol

Symbol of Selûne

Selûne (seh-loon-ay) represents the mysterious power of the moon, the celestial force that influences tides, changes lycanthropes, orders reproductive cycles, and pulls at the edges of sanity. An incalculably ancient deity, Selûne approaches existence with the placid calm of dappled moonlight.

Selûne is a caring but quietly mystical deity who often seems saddened by events perhaps millenia ago. While she is normally calm and placid, her war with Shar is fierce, with neither side giving or receiving quarter. She is seen in many ways by her followers who are a diverse group, and she is at times effervescently joyful and active, at others maternal, quiet and almost poetic, and at yet others warlike and fierce, showing little mercy to her foes.

Selûne is worshiped by a mixed bag of followers: navigators, sailors, women, female spellcasters (especially those born under a full moon or interested in divination), good- and neutral-aligned lycanthropes, those who work honestly at night, those seeking protection from Shar, the lost, the questing, and those curious about the future. Couples look to Selûne to bless them with children when they are ready, and women look to her for courage, strength and guidance. The demands she places on her followers are few, and the goddess is reputed to be free with her gifts and boons to mortals.

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