The search skill lets a character discern some small detail or irregularity through active effort, such as secret doors, traps, hidden compartments, and other details not readily apparent.

Modifying ability: Intelligence

Classes: Ranger, Rogue; Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep, Arcane trickster, Assassin, Neverwinter Nine, Red dragon disciple, Shadow Thief of Amn, Shadowdancer

Requires training: No

Check: You normally make search checks within a distance of 5 feet, but can increase this to 10 feet when in search mode. Search checks for traps are made against a DC of the setter's trap skill and a value in accordance with the strength of the trap.

Special: Only rogues may detect traps with a DC greater than 35;

  • 5 ranks in search gives a +2 synergy bonus to survival;
  • An elf behaves as though in search mode all the time with no penalty to movement;
  • An elf additionally receives +2 racial bonus to this skill;
  • A a half-elf receives +1 racial bonus to this skill;
  • A dwarf or a deep gnome receives +2 racial bonus to this skill, only when inside or underground;
  • A druid receives a +2 bonus to this skill, only when in a wilderness area, due to nature sense.

Use: Automatic

Notes Edit

  • Trap detection is within 5 meters and increasing to 10 meters or 1 tile when in Detect mode.( 5 feet in game is less than Touch range).

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