Type: type Weight: wt
Dmg Type: slashing and piercing Size: Large
Critical: 20/x4 Damage: 2d4
Feats: feats
Found: ???


The scythe is a farming implement used for the harvesting of crops, but its wicked, curved blade and sharp point make it useful on the battlefield.

A scythe mold requires 2 metal ingot. For the properties of exotic metals, see the Materials page.

Favored weapon

Only Chauntea and Jergal favor the scythe Any favored soul or cleric w/ War domain following either of them automatically receive the Martial weapon proficiency feat.


The scythe is notable for having the highest critical multiplier of all base weapons. This makes it a popular choice for high damage builds along with the Weapon Master feats Ki Critical and Increased Multiplier, which mean that the total damage on a critical hit will be:

(2d4+ (Strength Modifier x 1.5) + Weapon Specializations + Enhancement Bonus + Power Attacks) x5

There is some debate between whether the Scythe has the highest DPS. Examining only "crit efficacy", the falchion and scythe are tied for the highest. If the character has a low AB compared to armor, then high crit-range weapons lose power, where low crit-range weapons would not.

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