Type of feat
Item creation
Spellcaster level 1+
Required for

You can create a scroll of any spell that you know. Scribing a scroll is accomplished by casting a spell on a blank scroll in your inventory. Creating a scroll costs gold pieces based on the relative power of the spell. Scrolls containing first level spells can cost hundreds of gold pieces while those made with higher level spells can cost several thousand. Any arcane or divine spell of any level may be placed on a scroll. Warlock invocations cannot be placed on scrolls.

Wizards automatically receive this feat at 1st level.

Cast a spell on a blank scroll in your inventory

Gameplay Notes[]

Similar to the Craft wand feat, this feat's description is not entirely accurate. While most spells in the game can be scribed onto a scroll, not all of them can be. 

Currently, the classes that can use this feat are: Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, and Ranger. Spell-like abilities CANNOT be used to scribe scrolls. Although PnP rules state that the Blackguard and Assassin have real spell books, NWN2 treats their spells as spell-like abilities. As such, these PrC classes CANNOT utilize this feat for their 'spells'.

Cost: The cost to scribe a scroll in NWN2 is equal to Caster Level * Spell Level * 25 gp. Level 0 spells cost half as much as a Level 1 spell. However, in the formula, Caster Level is NOT the character's caster level but the resulting caster level of the scroll to be created. For example, a scroll of Bless Weapon always has a caster level of 6. As such, it costs 6 * 1 * 25 = 150gp to make.