The NWN2 production team includes the following individuals.

As of February 2006, Obsidian has 50 people working on Neverwinter Nights 2, which has been in production since July 2004. Team members hail from several other companies, including Black Isle, Sony, SOE, EA, Novalogic, Westwood, Activision, and Troika. The team has 21 artists, 7 designers, 5 people in the production staff, 12 programmers, and 5 scripters.


CEO: Feargus Urquhart

Producer: Darren Monahan

Associate Producer: John Morgan

Creative Director: Chris Avellone (main writer)

Acting Lead Designer: J.E. Sawyer (Ferret Baudoin was previous Lead Designer before he left Obsidian in March 2006)

Lead Artist: Tramell Ray Isaac

Lead Animator: Trent Campbell

Lead Environmental Artist: Tim Donley

Lead Programmer: Frank Kowalkowski

Lead Scripter: Charles Mead

Graphics Programmer: Brian D. Lawson

Programmer: Adam Brennecke

Other writers and designers: Tony Evans, Eric Fenstermaker, Constant Gaw, Jeff Husges & George Ziets -- help from Josh Sawyer, Michael Chu & Matt Deller

Obsidian founders: Feargus Urquhart, Chris Parker, Darren Monahan, Chris Avellone & Chris Jones


Producer: Dorian Richard

Maverick Public RelationsEdit

Community Manager: Shane DeFreest

MPR founders: Shane DeFreest & Brandon Smith

Wizards of the CoastEdit

Consultants: Ed Stark & Rich Redman

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