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Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 3, Cleric: 3, Paladin: 3
School : Conjuration
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Personal
Target/Area : Caster, Colossal
Duration : 6 sec. * cLevel
1 Round (cLevel)
Save : None
Spell resistance : Yes


All allies within the area of effect gain +1 to attack and damage rolls, skill checks, and saving throws. Enemies receive -1 penalties to the same.


  • There is only spell resistance for the negative parts of this spell. The area covered is quite large, and for a level 3 spell provides even Paladins with some way of affecting the stats of many targets - since it has no save (unlike Bane) and affects a wide area.


  • (1.03) A few slight mechanical faults, no gameplay bugs. The AOE visual effect is applied at GetSpellTargetLocation(), while the location is centered on GetLocation(OBJECT_SELF). It also gets the location multiple times every time the GetNextObjectInShape function is called on line 103 (which just isn't very efficient).
  • The visual effect generally is only a concern when NPC's cast the spell and can get around the TargetType column of the spells.2da file, although the script could be fired from a different location or ability which doesn't have the cast-at-caster-location requirement.