Type of feat
General (Tactical)
Str 13+
Required for
Cleave, Divine Might, Divine Shield, Great Cleave, Improved Power Attack, Favored Power Attack.

A character with this feat can make powerful but ungainly attacks. When Power Attack is selected, it grants a +3 bonus to the damage roll, but at the cost of −3 to the attack roll.

A character wielding a two-handed weapon, or wielding a one-handed weapon with both hands, instead adds +6 to the damage dealt with this feat. Power Attack does not add bonus damage to a light weapon (except with unarmed strikes or natural weapon attacks), but the penalty to attack rolls still applies. Certain classes like the Frenzied Berserker enjoy a more favorable bonus to damage. Favored Power Attack can also increase the bonus.

Action Mode

Gameplay Tips[]

Power Attacks are best used by Strength focused high AB characters and then two-handed against easy hit targets or optionally when fighting Damage Resistant monsters. Plus if available, with the bugged hit from Expose Weakness. It may also work well in concert with Cleave or Great Cleave.

When there is an advantage to hit the target (such as with Taunt or Cursed) Power Attacks can be ideal, but when there's a large advantage to hit (like with HiPS or Feint) then Improved Power Attacks are suggested. Basically, this feat can allow for more damaging hits (at the possible expense of hitting less often), which can be helpful against Damage Resistant opponents.

NWN Comparison[]

  • Power attack in NWN gave a fixed +5 bonus to-damage with a fixed -5 to-hit penalty.

3.5E Rules Comparison[]

  • D20 System Power Attack allows the character to select any value up to their BAB as a to-hit penalty and damage bonus.