NWN2 player character portraits are 3D portraits based off the character's head.

Custom portraits[edit | edit source]

Recently it has become possible to use custom portraits. To use one please use the following instructions:

  • The custom portrait folder is located in your "...documents\neverwinter nights 2\portraits" folder. You have to place something there (search for custom portraits on NWNvault) or else you won't have anything to choose.
  • To create a custom portrait from an image you have on your computer, these are the specifics: the image must be 128x128, saved as .TGA (not compressed) and at 24 bits. Put it into the "portraits" folder and it will show in-game when you click on your PC portrait.
  • Left click (double click) on the portrait you find inside your character sheet (press C to open it), not the small "in game" one on your right on the screen.

Thanks go out to nexxstalker on the official forum for the description.

If there is a need for free image manipulation tools - both Paint.NET and The GIMP can be recommended.

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