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Port Llast (formerly known as Grath's Hold) lies on the High Road approximately 35 miles north of Neverwinter. It came to get it's name as it was the "last port" accessing the north back when orcs and duergar dominated the Luskan region.

The port village is under protection of Neverwinter, and is coveted by Luskan hoping to secure a southerly harbor. The town is featured in both Neverwinter Nights games.

In the first Neverwinter Nights, it served as the hub in Chapter 2. In Neverwinter Nights 2, the player must travel there in Act II of the official campaign, to try to find evidence to prove the PC's innocence in a murder trial for the slaughter of the village of Ember. While in Port Last, the player can do two side quest that can help prove their innocence in the trial.

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