Type of Feat: Metamagic

Prerequisite: Extend Spell feat, ability to cast 6th level spells.

Specifics: A persistent spell has a duration of 24 in-game hours instead of its normal duration. Persistent Spell may only be applied to certain spells.

Use: A persistent spell uses a spell slot six levels higher than the spell's actual level.

For a list of all spells which can be enhanced by this feat, see: Category:Spells that can be Persisted.

Gameplay Notes[]

You will note that persisting some spells doesn't make any sense as their durations are either already a fixed 24 hours or fairly long to begin with (1 hr/lvl for example). In the OC, the 60 sec / lvl spells last about half as long as the 1 hr / lvl spells. Persisting even these spells may not be worth it in such a case. However, since game time is determined by the module or persistent world being played, these spells may still be useful to be persisted.

  • Haste is likely the most popular spell to persist due to its enormous utility both in and out of combat and its short duration
  • Divine Favor is arguably the single most improved spell with this feat, as its powerful effect usually only lasts ten rounds
  • Persistent Spell is not available as one of a wizard's Metamagic bonus feats; it must be selected during the normal level-up process

SoZ Campaign Notes[]

Persistence doesnt work well in SOZ due to the relative smallish nature of the dungeons/locations AND the reloading nature of map transference. Moreover, there seem to be some unknown phenomenon with Overland map, that make it hard to gauge whether persisted status still exist. Overall, it's not worth it to pay for Persisted Spells, like Haste or Stats.