The perform skill allows the character to impress audiences with your talent and skill as a performing artist.

Modifying ability: Charisma

Classes: Bard, Harper agent, Invisible Blade

Requires training: Yes

Check: This skill directly affects the strength and effects of bardic music and inspirations. It is also used, very rarely, in conversations.

Use: Selected, affects a 30ft. Radius of allies around the singer.


Bonuses to the Perform skill applied by items (Greater Gloves of the Minstrel), feats (Skill Focus), background (Talent), spells (Heroism) or abilities (CHA modifier) do not count towards the bardic music prerequisites. They do, however, affect the damage inflicted by Song of Requiem.

  • Note that a negative charisma modifier that brings your Perform skill below the requirement for an inspiration will apparently result in that inspiration failing to take effect. Generally only an issue for single-level Bard users using Inspire Courage +1; important to note this as there is only one chance for such a character to add to their perform skill. Items or spells improving charisma to at least 10 is the only solution left to characters with this problem.

DnD 3.5 comparison[]

Originally this skill applies to a lot more than just a bard's special abilities. It can be used in association with other skills for entertaining others to earn money. Checks are made against DCs set by the difficulty of the task being performed, and higher performance checks also lead to greater rate of pay if performing for coin. It is also divided into subsets of skills to apply to different aspects of the performing arts.

  • A glitch prevents a Harper Agent from putting skill points into perform.

External resources[]

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