Welcome to the NWN2Wiki navigation guide.

A brief guide for going around the NWN2Wiki site.


A good place to start. The search box is on the side of the screen, from there u can search the whole of the site to find pages that match anything you put in.


Every page belongs to a category (e.g. the fighter page is in category:classes). Most categories belong to other categories (category:cleric spells is in category:spells).

The categories that a page or category belongs to is shown at the bottom of the site. If you click there you will move to that category.

Most categories have a brief introductory sentence at the top, followed by the sub-categories and then articles. Both sub-categories and articles are usually listed alphabetically.

This page itself belongs to Category:NWN2Wiki, while you can find all our categories at Special:Categories


NWN2Wiki is not an official section of Obsidian so we are not a 100% guarantee that a feature will be if we say it might be. Most of our information is built from aspects "confirmed" by Obsidian, with any holes filled by educated guessing based on the DnD 3.5 and previous DnD computer games.

E.g. the spell magic missile is a very iconic spell in DnD as well as having appeared in numerous CRPGs based on DnD.

Category:Speculation holds all our speculative articles.

Confirmation statusEdit

Most pages come with a quick note at the top as to their confirmed status. This is usually either "in" or "unknown" with a quick reason why this is thought to be. Most of these articles still have sections where the exact details are not confirmed.

Category:Confirmed features holds all of the confirmed articles.


Some items have been confirmed by Obsidian as not being in NWN2.

Category:Excluded features holds all the articles for excluded items.


Pages are where most of the information is, ranging from classes to spells. There are pages on specific mechanics such as the attack sequence or pages on specific types of things (e.g. cleave is one of many feats).

You can find all our pages at Special:Allpages

Page sectionsEdit

Many pages have similar sections with common themes.

Pre-release notesEdit

This section has information on what aspects Obsidian has confirmed is not going to be in NWN2, or how it's going to be implemented. It also covers analysis of some core features.

Category:Pre-release information holds additional information on specific pre-release items.

NWN comparisonEdit

This section is related to how NWN implemented the same thing. Usually this is any changes that have gone in due to alteration to DnD 3.5 rules compared to 3.0 rules, or things which weren't particularly successful in NWN. Sometimes things noted here might re-appear in NWN2, but haven't been mentioned by Obsidian yet (e.g. they might repeat the way NWN handled certain spells compared to PnP rules).