Multiplayer means having more than one human being playing in a module at the same time. This includes playing through the Official Campaign, Mask of the Betrayer, or other mods from NWVault together. It also can involve people taking their Pen and Paper sessions online. Technically it also applies to Persistent Worlds (PWs), which feature servers that normally run multiplayer modules 24/7. Gaming on PWs can be viewed as a subset of multiplayer, but it is referred to by those PW players as Persistent Worlds almost exclusively.

Normal multiplayer games are hosted by one of the players. The Official Campaigns (OC) were designed primarily for single player, and they make the first player in the module the "Lead" player, although it is possible to run them in multiplayer mode. Players running the OC modules should realize there are common cutscenes and transitions, which may interrupt other players' activities. Many of these issues are easy to avoid, and certain modules do better at being hosted online. A number of modules designed for multiplayer are available for download at NWVault.

The NWN2 Client Extension re-enables the in-game multiplayer server browser. Launching the game with the Client Extension is recommended to for multiplayer matchmaking after GameSpy service for NWN2 was discontinued; with the NWN2 Client Extension in use, the multiplayer server browser is active in the game client. A web-based server browser list is also available.

Multiplayer games can be run locally over a LAN or via the Internet. The NWN2 Client Extension may be used for posting servers to the Internet; players can also connect directly to a server's IP address and avoid the requirement of a matchmaking service.

  1. LAN: a group of people on the same physical network.
  2. Other: similar to LAN play, but over the Internet (often through GameSpy).
  3. Persistent World (PW) : people returning to a shared world. Often hosted through GameSpy (or the replacement from the Client Extension after GameSpy service was discontinued).

The NWN2 Multiplayer Guide is now available for download from NWVault as a tutorial. It walks the reader through how to host and connect to a NWN2 game, and includes a short guide on multiplayer conventions such as how to use the chat channels and typed emotes.

Neverwinter Connections[]

Neverwinter Connections (NWC) is the community matching site which puts hosts/DMs together with players. It displays current open games on the front page and all scheduled games on the calendar. The site also offers forums for advertising for players and DMs. It has tutorials available on how to use it, but it is also easy enough to just dive in and schedule a session. Each scheduled game is given its own forum and chat room to make it easy for players to communicate. For those looking to start campaigns, you can also get your own free campaign forum. It been in existence since 2002 as a community service.