Type of feat
Base attack bonus +1
Required for

This feat grants the ability to wield weapons that are normally two-handed for your race with only one hand at a -2 penalty to hit. For example: a human could wield a greatsword and a shield using this feat, while a halfling could wield a longsword in each hand. Medium sized characters (humans, half-orcs, elves, dwarves, etc) with this feat can use giant weapons (with -2 to hit). Note that this ability only applies to melee weapons and does not affect the use of crossbows, bows, etc.


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The attack penalty applies only when the off-hand is in use with another item (e.g. a shield or a second weapon - including a second weapon of the same type). This is not a bug as two-handed weapons should be used with two hands and not accrue a penalty. There is no way to use a two-handed weapon in one hand if the off-hand is free in NWN2.
  • When a character equips a two-handed weapon with one hand (such as when using a shield) using this feat, it is generally treated as a one-handed weapon, and there will be no double Power Attack damage or 1.5x strength bonus. In NWN2 there is no way to use a two-handed weapon in one hand unless the off-hand is in use such as with a secondary weapon or shield.
  • When a small character equips one (1) Rapier using this feat the following will occur:
    • a 1.5x strength bonus (if empty off-hand) applies
    • The use of Power Attack will be disabled
      • Small races do gain the benefit of power attack if they do not have monkey grip, but they will not be able to use a shield or other off-hand item
    • Small races can gain the benefit of weapon finesse with rapiers if they have the monkey grip feat, and the rapier will be equipped as a one-handed weapon
  • Contrary to the description, this feat also applies to ranged weapons (such as the longbow). As of v1.23 of the game (if not earlier) this feat indeed does not apply to ranged weapons.
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