Type of feat
Dex 13+, Dodge
Required for
Spring Attack (and therefore; Whirlwind Attack, and thusly the Weapon master class) and the Shadowdancer and Duelist classes.

A character with this feat has learned to avoid attacks of opportunity more effectively, gaining a +4 dodge bonus to AC against them.

Automatic, though a condition that negates a Dexterity bonus to AC also negates any dodge bonuses. Multiple dodge bonuses (from different feats or racial bonuses) are cumulative.

Gameplay Notes[]

  • A fighter may select Mobility as one of his fighter bonus feats.
  • Having an effective Tumble skill of 15 or over means that attacks of opportunity while moving are ignored. This, however, also applies against other attacks of opportunity (eg: spellcasting)
  • This also helps people who cannot use tumble due to armor check penalty such as being fully armored, which makes it hard to get a high tumble skill.
  • At 7th level, a Swashbuckler gains Mobility as a bonus feat even if she does not qualify for it.

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