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Alias(es): Lord of All Songs, Guardian of Singers and Troubadours
Power: Lesser deity
Pantheon: Faerûnian pantheon
Symbol: A harp
Alignment: Neutral good
Cleric alignment: LG, NG, CG
Portfolio: Eloquence, poetry, song
Worshippers: Adventurers, bards, entertainers
Canon NWN2 domains: Good  Knowledge  
Other canon domains: Charm, Nobility
Favoured weapon (NWN2): Rapier - "Sharptongue"
Allies: Oghma, Deneir, Gond, Mystra, Sune, Seldarine
Enemies: Cyric


Milil (pronounced mil-LILL), also known as the One Who Watches While Music is Alive and the Guardian of Singers and Troubadours, is depicted in religious art and song as a handsome male human or elf with a charismatic manner and a haunting, melodic voice. He is venerated by human, elf, and half-elf, bards.

Milil is the ultimate performer: self-confident, inspired, possessed of total recall or anything he sets a mind to remember, able to improvise facilely out of desire or necessity, well-educated in general theories of conduct and broad areas of knowledge, and masterful in all sorts of performance technique (including a passing knowledge of disguise derived from costume theory), especially within his sphere of knowledge—music, poetry, and elegant speech. However, he is also self-centered and egotistical and likes to be the center of attention. When he is not the center of attention, he bores easily, and his mind wanders or he leaves. He is also given to flirtation with both deities and mortals for his own enjoyment, to deep annoyance of more sober powers.

Milil often manifests as haunting music, particularly in clearing deep in woodlands. He appears as a wordless, lone male voice soaring through the air where no singer can be seen. At times, Milil draws the image of two dancing hollyphants in the air in glowing yellow lines or in ink (that appears from nowhere) on parchment to signify his approval. This seems to indicate his delight in watching such creatures dance to his music. More often, Milil manifests as a radiance surrounding a bard, storyteller, or epic poet in the throes of inspiration—a sight always heralding a performance that moves an audience to tears, blind obedience, enthusiastic offerings of money, or whatever else the performer desires them to do. Milil often places helpful visions (mental pictures of the whereabouts of treasure, lost loved ones, or directions overland) in the mind of a singer or musician who pleases him.

Milil also acts through the appearance or presence of aasimar (all accomplished singers), hollyphants, light aasimons, movanic devas and solars. More commonly he sends songbirds especially nightingales, white horses or pegasi, calico cats, red or yellow roses, lilies, peonies, perfect gemstones or any sort, and peregrine falcons to show his favor and as a sign to inspire his faithful.

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