As a spellcaster's knowledge of magic grows, she can learn to cast spells in ways slightly different from the ways in which the spells were originally designed or learned. Preparing and casting a spell in such a way is harder than normal but, thanks to metamagic feats, at least it is possible. Spells modified by a metamagic feat use a spell slot higher than normal. This does not change the level of the spell, so the DC for saving throws against it does not go up.

Preparation spellcasters[]

Wizards, clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers must prepare their spells in advance. During preparation, the character chooses which spells to prepare with metamagic feats (and thus which ones take up higher-level spell slots than normal).

Instant spellcasters[]

Sorcerers, bards, favored souls, and spirit shaman choose spells as they cast them. They can choose when they cast their spells whether to apply their metamagic feats to improve them. As with other spellcasters, the improved spell uses up a higher-level spell slot. Unlike in PnP, casting a metamagic spell in this way takes no more time than a spell normally would for these casters.

Effects on a spell[]

In all ways, a metamagic spell operates at its original spell level, even though it is prepared and cast as a higher-level spell. Saving throw modifications are not changed unless stated otherwise in the feat description.

The modifications made by these feats only apply to spells cast directly by the feat user. A spellcaster can't use a metamagic feat to alter a spell being cast from a wand, scroll, or other item.

Metamagic feats cannot be used with all spells. See the specific feat descriptions for the spells that a particular feat can't modify.

Above spell level 9[]

Unlike PnP, a spellcaster doesn't gain spells per day above spell level 9 (excluding epic), thus metamagic cannot be applied to spells which would require higher than 9 level spell slots.

Multiple metamagics[]

Unlike in PnP, a spellcaster cannot apply multiple metamagic feats to a single spell.

Magic items and metamagic spells[]

Unlike PnP, a spellcaster cannot store metamagic versions of spells in scrolls, potions, or wands.